Doing A Spiritual Striptease

You’re probably saying “what the what . What’s a spiritual striptease?” You’ve probably never heard or even thought these two words in the same sentence and you never thought of spiritual as modifying the word striptease. Surely a striptease is not something spiritual people would enjoy  or ever engage in.

But in our spiritual live maybe a striptease is just what’s needed.

Too often our thoughts and beliefs have gotten covered over by the thoughts and beliefs we receive from our society, parents, peers and even from our places of spiritual inspiration and worship.

Often these sources give us  inspiration and ideas that cause our lives to expand and be enriched but sometimes these same sources give us ideas and beliefs that are actually toxic. They just won’t work in a healthy spirituality.

Some of these ideas might be:

God really doesn’t love me unconditionally.
I’m just a poor wretched sinner.
I’m so unworthy.

These and other similar ideas and beliefs just need to be seen for what they are — toxic —  and removed so that we can BE the wonderful child of God that we already ARE. As we remove these toxic beliefs we can begin to see and believe the wonderful truth about yourselves.

This video is an introduction to my new video series on ‘naked spirituality.’ It’s only a little over five minutes so watch it before finishing this post.

I hope this video spoke to you. Please leave your thought and comments below. And if you realized any limiting beliefs in your own life share these also. I will try to respond to these in future post and videos.

And once again share this blog and my youtube channel, David Boger with you friends.

Together let’s do a spiritual striptease as we improve our spiritual health this year.

Blessings to you. Namaste!!!

Small Vision Transform into Big Ones

My devotional reading today was about enlarging your vision. It contained the quote that says “as a person thinks so are they.” The writer then went on to mention Moses being led up a high mountain and being promised everything his eye could see.

Today, we’re all led to high mountains — mountains in our minds and consciousness. And there we’re encouraged to look out at the areas of our lives and see where we need to expand and enlarge — where we need to heal and release.

It caused me to think back over 20 years ago when I was Student Clergy at the church we were attending. I was asked what I wanted out of ministry and I replied that I didn’t want to be an Elder or other denominational positions. I said that I just want a small group of people that needed to know that God loved them and then to lead them in their realization that God already does.

And you know that’s just what I got!!

The Fort Worth Church Project

I started the Fort Worth Church Project with a small group of people which over the years got even smaller. And yes my prophecy was fulfilled. But what made it even worse was that I could never really tell if any or how many of those people ever really realized that God truly did love them and wanted great and wonderful things for their lives.

So after about 12 years this group finally had to end as there weren’t enough people attending our weekly celebrations to continue meeting. So I had to go to the mountaintop and see what new vision was there for my life and ministry.

My Blog

So this blog (Seeking on Purpose) was the result. And as I started it I envisioned reaching more people than I’d previously reached in our weekly gatherings and I did.

Now I’ve once again gone to the mountaintop and I saw there another new Project. This’ll be a Project whereby I hope to reach even larger numbers of people.

My Videos

I now have started my own channel on youtube called David Boger. And so far my first video has had more viewers than I ever had at my weekly meeting. And I’m envisioning and believing that many more people will read my blog and watch my videos and hear a message that’ll enrich their lives as they believe that God does love them and really wants great and wonderful things for their lives.

Here’s the first video. Right now, take just 5 minutes and listen to it and let it bless your life. Then take just a few more moments and leave a comment and also subscribe to my channel so you won’t miss a single video in future.

Now after watching that video, make this affirmation for yourself and say it until it is real and you believe it and feel it in your heart.

God loves me right now and has wonderful things in store for my life and I am willing to receive them all!!

Believe it. Feel it!!!

Then let God lead you to the mountain and there show you the wonderful possibilities that are available for your life. They are abundant and endless. You can have a new possibility every day if you want.

Now as I close, let me encourage you to share this blog and my youtube channel with your friends and family and encourage them to subscribe to both.

May this day be the beginning of a new and wonderful life for you!! Namaste.

Wherever You Are, God IS!!!

In this post, I want to talk a little about one of my very favorite subjects– God.

Ever since I was little, I’ve always loved God and Church. Even before I was old enough to got to school, I went to Sunday school. And then on Sunday afternoons, at home with my dad and grandmother, I would have Sunday school with them, teaching them the lessons I had at church.

And the God I learned about way back then was the one that created the world and everything in it. He was said to love the people he created.

This God was usually portrayed as a very old man, the Ancient of Days and he was white and had a great long white beard and hair. In fact, as I think about that image, he was just a really big jolly green giant sized version of my dad or Santa Claus.

As I grew up, this picture was enlarged to include the side of God that loved some people who followed all the rules and also judged sinners who broke the rules. The good people were promised heaven when they died and the sinners, well they just got to roast in hell for all eternity.

This version of the story just never really made a lot of sense to me but since this was what I was told the Bible said and meant, I believed that it was the truth.

Now I have come to the place where I question both that version of God and also the idea that just because the Bible says it does not necessarily make it true. (But I will tell you more about that journey another time.)

Charles Fillmore, the co-founder of Unity says

 The starting place of spiritual attainment is the right understanding of that one that we designate as the ‘Almighty.’

So let me share some of who God is for me today.

God Is Omnipresent

There is a wonderful verse in the Christian scriptures that says, “in whom (God) we live and move and have our being.”

Now I used to think this was just one of those nice saying put in there to fill up space or it was one of those “mysteries” that we just were not supposed to understand.

But now I believe that it’s a statement of truth and really just means what it says and says what it means. It shares with us the fact that God is all there is and that everything that exists, exists in God.

David, in the Psalms, says that if we go to the highest heights or to the lowest depths, that there is no place that we can go where God is not. (Now what does that say about hell?)

God is omnipresent — present everywhere.

God Is Love

Another wonderful truth about God is that God is love and love is God.

This love is unconditional and eternal. It’s not some on again, off again type of love. The “I love you when you love me and do what I want” type of love.

God is love.

And God’s love extend to and includes all of God’s children. No one is excluded.

You see, I let go of the old idea of a God that was just waiting for me to slip-up and do something wrong so he could just whack me good and punish me. I have some to realize that we are not punished for our mistakes in life but we are punished by our mistakes. What we sow, we reap.

God set in place the wonderful law of cause and effect. And we are offered every provision to correct anything that we deem a mistake so they can be changed from chains that bind and enslave us into steps that lead us higher and higher as we are transformed.

I guess one of the most important things I have learned on my journey of spiritual attainment is to trust my own heart and my own experience.

I have experiences the presence of God and I have felt my heart warmed and enlightened by this presence.

I have taken the time to look at my beliefs about God, to examine them and to see which ones ring true with what my heart says. And this has caused my love for god to grow and increase as endeavor to see and sense God’s presence everywhere I go and in each person I encounter.

Final Thoughts

As I close, I want to share with you something I came across recently in my reading. It is called The Golden Key written by Emmet Fox.. The basis of this key is to practice the presence of God. Fox says that too often we spend our time focusing on our problems and what is wrong with our lives and our world. He then says that the golden key to changing things in our life is to instead focus on the goodness of God.

Look for Good!

Look for love.

Look for beauty.

And as you do, you will find more Good, more love and more beauty. You will find more God.

For you see my friends, wherever you are, God is. A friend of mine told me once, there is only God or not paying attention.

Try paying more attention this week and see where you find God.


Who Do You Listen To?

Everyday there are a myriad of voices clamoring and seeking our attention. There are the voice in our own mind. Voices come to us from the television and radio, newspapers and magazines. And then there are the voices of our family, friends, and even strangers that we encounter daily on our journey through life. All of these voices have a message or messages which they’re seeking to impart to our lives. And each of these messages maybe be valid or true.

But they maybe not or at least maybe not the whole truth.

There’s another source or voice that seeks to speak to us and this voice is always valid and true. But this is the voice that so many of us neither access or listen to frequently.

This is the voice of our own heart.

It’s the voice we can only access as we enter the silence.

“Be Still and know” scripture reminds us.

All of the spiritual teachers and leaders have come to know the value of the silence.

Jesus left the crowds and went to the mountains alone to pray and meditate.

Buddha remained under the Bodhi tree meditating until he was enlightened — till his heart lit up.

My Meditation Adventure

I’ve been engaging in a 21 day meditation adventure using various mantras. Each day as I meditated and chanted the mantra for the day, I felt my mind quieting and my heart opening up. Fear and worry were released and peace and love filled my being. And I was guided to right action during my day.

But unfortunately, like so many others, I often feel just too busy to take even five minutes out of my day to just sit quietly and listen to this still inner voice.

It is on days like that when I try to remind myself that Gandhi said that he usually meditated for an hour each morning (an hour and not just the five or 10 minutes I try to do). But when he knew that he was going to be really busy and had much work to accomplish in the day, he then increased his meditation time to 2 hours. He knew that if he took time and listened in silence that he’d be guided, not by his own thoughts and ideas but by that Mind or Presence that see and knows all.

This week, I encourage you to give yourself permission to spend just 10 or 15 minutes in silence, even before you begin the tasks of the day. And while there, if thoughts present themselves clambering for your attention, just offer them love, set them aside for now and listen to the stillness. And as you do, you’ll become aware of a Presence — the presence of God, Spirit — and this presence will speak to you in a still small voice — and it’ll offer guidance and direction that will enable you to achieve great things.

Listen to your heart.

Follow what it says and you won’t be sorry you did.

In my last few posts I shared with you 4 other suggestions for creating a tremendous life.

Choose happiness.

Change you words, change your world.

Dare to be who you really are.

Live to give.

Now I’ve given you my last suggestions — listen to your heart.

Listen to your heart for it is here that God will speak to you and help to guide and direct you. As you listen, this will make each moment count and your life will be tremendous.

If you missed any of these suggestions, stop right now and click on each link above and read the posts.

Also, think of a friend that you think would benefit from any or all of these suggestions and share these post with them and also encourage them to subscribe so they’ll not miss any future posts.

The Progressive Spiritual Easter Message

It was significant that these first believers place the time of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection at the time they had previously celebrated Passover. They saw a connection between the deliverance that God gave when the Hebrews were taken safely through the waters of the Red Sea and the liberation that they experienced as they connected with the risen Christ.

Let’s look again at the story of that first Easter Sunday and see if we can recover the message from that story of the empty vault.

Sometime early in the morning, on the first day of the week, just as the Sabbath was ending, some women went to see the vault.

And as they were going an unexpected event happened — a great earthquake and an angel descends and rolled the stone away from the vault. It was such a sight that it caused the big burley guards to be so shook up that they looked like corpses.

But the angel spoke to the women and told them, “don’t ya’ll be scared one bit.” He knew they were looking for Jesus but he is not there but he has been risen. The angel them gave them a mission to go and tell the disciples about this and to instruct the others to go to Jerusalem where Jesus would meet them.

Well they were so excited that they ran from the vault and started on their way. But as they are going, Jesus suddenly appears to them and says “Howdy.” This excites the women so that they ran and hugged his feet and worshiped him and he tells them, “ya’ll quit being so scared. Run along and tell the others to go over into Jerusalem and they’ll see me there.

Many of us grew up hearing this story every year on Easter Sunday. But what does this story really mean for us today in the 21st century? Does it mean that a dead body was put in a vault and by some interventions, it came back to life? That is what we have usually been taught but is that the only way to understand Easter? Well, I think not.

First Christian’s Experience With the Risen Christ

I believe that we need to look at the first Christian’s experience with the risen Christ.

You see, for them these stories that they told and retold were not looked upon in the same way that we do stories on the evening news. These were reflections back on how their community of faith had interacted with the presence of the risen Christ.

Paul offers a look at what these first believers thought of resurrection. His writing are some of the oldest in the New Testament, since they were probably written from 10 to 50 years before the first of the gospels.

He asks the question in 1st Corinthians 15 — “With what kind of body are the dead raised?” He then talks about the relationships between the physical body and the spiritual resurrected body. And the answer he gives is that it is sown, or put in the grave, as a physical body but it is raised a spiritual body — not a body of flesh and blood. It is also interesting that even though Paul says that Christ was resurrected from the dead, he does not mention an empty vault.

You see, resurrection does not mean resumption of previous existence but entry into a different kind of existence. It could involve something happening to a corpse but it need not. Resurrection, in fact, is like what happens when a seed is planted or a caterpillar makes a cocoon.

The seed goes into the ground and dies, and from its death, new life comes forth and fruit is produced. The plant bears no resemblance to the seed. The seed becomes the plant but the seed and the plant are radically different.

With a caterpillar, what happens when it makes a cocoon is something marvelous. While it is sealed away from watching eyes, and when it emerges, there is go resemblance to what went into that cocoon. And here again, the caterpillar becomes the butterfly but the butterfly is radically different from the caterpillar.

In the same way, Easter does not necessarily mean that God supernaturally intervened to raise the corpse of Jesus from the dead. Rather, the core meaning of Easter is that Jesus continued to be experienced after his death, but in a radically new way — as a spiritual and divine reality.

He was known in nonordinary experiences, as well as in the community’s life together. The truth of Easter is grounded in such experiences of the risen Christ as a living presence, not in physically observable events restricted to a particular day or a few weeks in the first century.

Our Experience With the Risen Christ

Because Christ lives, we too have the assurance of new life — not only after death but everyday we live.

Today, we can be raised from the tombs of fear and hatred that seek to hold us today.

Because Christ lives, we can be experience

life that transcends every human limit

love that triumphs over hatred

being which overcomes nonbeing.

As we each experience the presence of the risen Christ in our own lives we too feel our connection with those first Christians and Christians throughout the centuries.

And we experience the presence of the risen Christ that empowers us to continue the work and ministry begun by Jesus — to bring the message of God’s love, acceptance, and liberation to all people. And as we do, we seek ways to work for justice, not just for a select group but for all of humanity and ultimately for all of creation.

In this way, we experience the liberation from that which enslaves us, that which entombs us. And we find the empowerment to rise from those places of exile and estrangement to places of acceptance and transformation.

This experience of Christ’s presence each and every day of our lives is the core meaning of Easter for us today.

Which Sea Are You?

In my last post I said that next I would share my 5th suggestion for having a tremendous life. I am going to save that till next time as I have a few more thoughts that I feel inspired to share about giving.

And if you have not read my previous post on the subject of having a tremendous life, you might want to do so now.

You might be wondering what the title “Which Sea Are You?” has to do with this subject. So let me explain,

Often in the past when I was asked at various churches to talk about giving, I would share some information I had gathered about the 2 seas that are in the land of Israel. Then I would ask the people to decide which one of the seas they wanted their life to be like.

 The Two Seas

The first sea is the Dead Sea. This sea has an inlet, the Jordan River, but there is no outlet as water does not flow out of the Dead Sea.

And so, the sea is just as the name suggests — dead, not life-giving.

The other sea is the Sea of Galilee which lies in the northern part of Israel. There is water flowing into it from the mountains and then the Jordan River carries water out of it to the south. Inlet and Outlet — Receiving and Giving — Circulation.

The Sea of Galilee is known metaphysically as the sea of vitality, the sea of life.

It is reported that there are large number of many species of fish that live in the Sea of Galilee. There is an abundance of life because it circulates — it receives and it gives.

Live To Give And Receive

On a little different note, I have read that if you discern a lack or need or want in your life, then one of the best ways to get it flowing is to cause someone else to have this need or want met in their life.

If you need a smile in your life, give someone a smile.

If you need love in your life, find someone that needs love and give them some love.

If you need money in your wallet, find someone that needs some money and help them to have it.

This opens up the river of circulation in your own life and causes an outflow from you and since Nature — God — the Universe abhors a vacuum, it then causes an inflow into your life to fill the vacancy.

Give and it is given to you.

Ask and you shall receive.

Live to give.

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Inlets AND Outlets

In my last post, I mentioned that I have 5 suggestions for making your life tremendous. Let me mention again the first 3 ideas that I shared.

Choose Happiness

Change Your Words, Change Your World

Dare To Be Who You Really Are

As you might have noticed, these 3 suggestions are things you do inside yourself, your inside work. And they begin to move out from you as you speak words that are positive, life-affirming and encouraging.

If you need help working on the inside, in your mind and heart, check out the items below that deal with meditation and going within. For if you are not willing to go within — into the silent loving space in your heart where you can quiet your mind — then you really will go without. You will seek peace and happiness in other people, things or events outside yourself and you will not find the peace, love and happiness you desire. You will go with out.

Having said all of that, now let’s see what my next suggestion is for creating a tremendous life.

Live To Give

Giving is one of the most talked about activities but it is also one of the most misunderstood activities in which we engage.

Too often, we think of giving as a linear activity and as one of subtraction. We give someone something that they want or need and we see ourselves as being depleted in that item — whether it is love, money or some other material item. We gave something away and now we have less.

The good news I want to share with you now is that there is not a word of truth in that explanation — unless you choose that this is the truth and how it is.

I have found a different way of looking at giving that has made all the difference in my own life. You too might want to try this way of looking at your giving and see how it changes your life.

The Law of Circulation

I now see giving as the physical manifestation of the Law of Circulation. All of life is built on circulation, coming and going, in and out, giving and receiving.

Often we give something to another. We give money to organizations or people. We give old clothes and stuff to charities. We give and give. But too often this just leaves us feeling depleted and used up.

Too many people I know feel good about giving but if someone tried to give them something, well they just don’t feel worthy to receive. It makes them feel, as one person I know says, “wimpy.” But wimpy is just another way of saying unworthy.

Life though has to circulate. It has to come in and go out. It has to flow.

A pond that just has an outlet with no inlet will soon dry up. But a lake that has a river flowing in and one flowing out has a very good chance of being full as it takes water in and gives water out. It also has a good chance of being full of fish and other life.

Ralph Waldo Emerson says that “everyone is the inlet and may become the outlet of God.”

Allow yourself to think and meditate on this idea. Ask Spirit to show you why you feel unworthy to receive. Then allow yourself to show love to that feeling of unworthiness and allow it to be released.

Become both an inlet and an outlet of all God’s blessings as you allow yourself to bless others by letting them be a giver and a receiver also.

In this way the river of life continues to flow both to and through us.

Think on these things and also be sure and share this post with your friends and encourage them to get a free subscription to this blog.

Watch for my next post where I will share my final life changing suggestion with you.

New Intentions Create A New Life

Well, here we are halfway though February. Most people have probably already abandoned their New Year’s resolutions. And this is often a source of guilt in our lives.

But instead of feeling guilty, maybe this is a really good time to set a new intention to have a wonderful life this year.

Let me share with you some suggestions for having a tremendous life this year and every year. I am going to share 5 suggestions, 3 in this post and 2 in my next one. So be sure and watch for the next post. You can get it in your inbox by using the subscribe button.

Here are my life changing suggestions.

Choose Happiness

Often we act as if happiness is something that comes to us from things or people outside ourselves. But there is just not a bit of truth to this idea.

Happiness is a choice.

Happiness is an inside job. It starts inside and works its way out into our world.

We can choose to be happy in spite of all the “stuff” that is going on around us. We can go into that inner space of silence and allow the peace, joy and happiness to well up in our lives. Then, as we do, we can be changed. We can be happy.

Maybe nothing has changed in our exterior world but we have been changed inside. And as we are, then we are the change we wish to see in our world and the world looks different to us.

Being negative is not going to change anything and it will just end up making your life miserable. So let yourself be happy and positive and see how your experience of the world changes.

Change Your Words, Change Your World

We begin inside by changing our thoughts and making a new choice to be happy. Then we let our thoughts change the words we speak.

So speak to the situations in your life and say positive, life affirming words to them.

This principle is found in the Bible where it says, “Let the weak say ‘I am strong.’”

And as you begin to think positive and happy thoughts and you then say positive and happy words you will find your mental computer beginning to be reprogrammed.

Dare To Be Who You Really Are

You are a unique creation and a child of God created in God’s image.

Allow yourself to offer to your world the unique gifts and talents that only you have to offer. If you don’t, then who will?

Be the love that you are.

Be the success that you are.

Be the abundance that you are.

Be the beloved child of God that you are.

And how do you do this?

Choose to be happy. Speak positively and choose your words carefully. And as you do these things, you will be who you truly are.

Check back and see what my last 2 suggestions are for creating a tremendous life. And be sure and share this post with someone you know that needs a boost in creating a tremendous life for themselves.

A New Word Brings A New Beginning and A New Epiphany

In my last post I shared about Epiphany Sunday and a couple of incidents where I had an epiphany – an “ah-ha” moment. I also told you that in my next post I would share some about the story of Moses and his moment of awareness and also about the word I got for my white stone. If you did not read my last post, you might want to do so before reading the rest of this one.

Moses and the Bush

I always loved the story of Moses and the burning bush. There he was out in the desert and he goes round a boulder and right in front of him is a bush that is on fire. Now the story says that the bush, while being on fire, is not burned up.

Too often, I think, we see this as the most wonderful and miraculous part of the story but I am beginning to understand that the thing we really should see as wonderful and miraculous is what happens next.

Our of the bush, a voice speaks and tells Moses to take his shoes off because he is standing on holy ground. This causes Moses to ask a question we need to ask – “who are you?”

And the voice tells him, “I am that I am.”

You see, ‘I am’ is the most wonderful name for the divine, for God. And it is a name we use so often in our daily conversation without even realizing its significance.

But how do we used the divine name in vain?

We use it in vain when we follow those words with anything that is unlike the true nature of God, things like too old, not smart enough, too poor.

My New Word

I mentioned in my last post that we were given a white stone at church and told that Spirit would reveal to us a new word to place on the stone. This would be a word of encouragement and inspiration from Spirit that would guide our lives.

So what word was I given?

The new word I was given was “available.”

As I thought about this word – available – I realized that while I thought I was available to God, I was really caught up in my own plans and ideas about my life and my purpose. And because of this, I had closed myself off from anything NEW that God might be wanting me to be available to and for. This helped me to see that there were things in my life that needed to end as new things began.

I remember some wise words I was given, “you don’t need to see or understand the whole journey you are on, you only need to be willing and available to take the next step that is right in front of you.”

And the next step that I seem to see in front of me is to share my message and thoughts with people and at the present time, this will be through my blog. This was something I had neglected for too long but now I realize that a blog on the internet has the potential of reaching multitudes of people as they read it and then share it with others.

And so I am taking this step and as I continue to meditate, read, write and trust that God is really in control then I know that I will see the next right step for me and I believe that I will take it as I continue on this wonderful spiritual journey called life.

Share this post with people that need some encouragement. And take time and share your thoughts, comments or any epiphanies that you have had.

Epiphany — A White Stone, A Piece Of Paper, A New Beginning

January 6 was the Sunday in the Christian calendar that is celebrated as Epiphany Sunday. This celebrates the visit of the Wise Ones to the baby Jesus.

While that is an interesting story and one I have loved since childhood, the question needs to be asked, “what does that have to do with us and our lives?”

To answer this question, I am going to ask a few more questions.

First, what is an epiphany?

Second, how do a piece of paper and a white stone relate to Epiphany or a visit from Wise Ones?

And last, how does all of this contribute to a new beginning?

So let’s answer these question and see what message and inspiration we can get for our lives today.

What is an epiphany?

The dictionary says that an epiphany is “an unveiling, a revealing or a manifestation.”

I was taught that the visit from the Wise Ones signified God’s revelation to those who were not Jews and was to indicate that God’s was available to and inclusive of all of humanity.

You know, many times we need an unveiling in our own lives. We allow the truth that we are a child of God and loved deeply by God to become covered over by thoughts and beliefs such as fear, worry and unworthiness. We forget who we really are and this causes all the things we see in life that we call problems.

So now you are wondering what does this forgetting and the unveiling and to do with a piece of paper and a white stone. I can only tell you how they relate in my life and hope that you can find an epiphany in your own life.

On Christmas Eve, we went to a candle light service at church. Each candle had wrapped around it a piece of paper with an affirmation. As I unwrapped my candle, I read the following affirmation, I rest in the knowledge that God is in control.”

This was the perfect affirmation for me as lots of things in my life had gotten out of my control and I needed to be reminded that even when I appear to be “out of control”, God never is. And maybe even more importantly, I need to remember that even the out of control areas are working together to create and be the good in my life.

Then the next epiphany happened on Sunday, January 6, which was Epiphany Sunday. This time instead of a candle, we were offered a white stone and the minister read Revelation 2: 17. “Are your ears awake? Listen. Listen to the Wind Words, the Spirit blowing through the churches. I’ll give the sacred manna to every conqueror; I’ll also give a white, smooth stone inscribed with your new word, your secret new word.”

He then said that as we each listen to Spirit, we would be given a “new word” that would give us inspiration, direction and guidance for our lives.

So what word was I given? I am going to tell you in my next post where I will also share some about the story of Moses and the burning bush and the name of God that Moses was told. I will also tell you the step that I am taking at present to live my word.

Until then, begin looking for the epiphanies that are happening in your own life and feel free to share them with us. And also, check out Charles Fillmore’s Metaphysical Bible Dictionary for more information on the ‘white stone’. It is found under the article on Pergamus because this was the church in Asia Minor that spirit was speakingto in the verse from Revelations.

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