Love vs. Fear – Who Will Win?

There is a wonderful verse in the Christian Bible that says “perfect love casts out all fear.” 1 John 4:18. It also tells us in that same book what, or who love is. It says that “God is love.” 1 John 4:8.

Logic tells us that if A = B, then B = A and so if “God is love”, then it is also true that “Love is God.”

So let’s talk about fear and love and see how they operate in our lives.

How does fear show up in our lives? When we are fearful or afraid, our breathing gets shallow and our muscles contract. Our thinking often seems to go offline and shuts down.

Did you notice the words I used: shallow, contract, offline and shuts down. These are all the effects of the negative energy we call fear.

Now think about how love shows up in our lives. Think of a time when you were in love. How did you feel?

I remember falling in love. The world seemed like a wonderful new playground where everything was bright and shiny and new. I felt that now there was nothing that I could not do. The person I fell in love with was absolutely perfect in my eyes. And our love would and could work miracles. Life opened up to all sorts of new and wonderful possibilities.

Notice the difference between the effects of fear and love?

Fear closes us up and shuts us down. It takes away all possibilities and takes us offline.

Love, on the other hand, opens us up and makes life expand.

The energy or presence we call love or God, opens us up and causes miracles to manifest. And as it does, it causes all FEAR (False Evidence that Appears Real) to vanish and pass away as the truth that God is love and so are we is made manifest.

So what do you fear today? Sickness? Poverty? Lack? Hell? Rejection?

Whatever it is that you fear, begin today to allow love or God to fill your thoughts and your heart and as you do, you will begin to realize that the more love that fills you up, the more you begin to expand and experience more and renewed health and wholeness, more abundance and supply, more Heaven on Earth. And you realize that there is nothing that can possibly separate or cut you off from Love.

Today allow love to cast out all fear and allow the truth to set you free and watch as miracles happen all around you.