About This Site

My name is David Boger and I have always been a seeker. Even before I attended school, I loved reading about ancient history and literature. But the subject that I loved investigating the most was God.

I began my quest as a fairly traditional Methodist. I then was part of the Charismatic movement. I took classes in astrology, Reiki, meditation and psychic development. Along with these subjects, I was always intrigued by all forms of healing and the chakra system. I was a member of the Rosicrucian Society and the Theosophical Society.

In the beginning, I was very fundamentalist in my ideas and beliefs, seeing the Bible as the only truth. Then a neighbor began talking to me about her Pentecostal church where I heard for the first time about the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. This intrigued me and I embraced this new and expanded belief system. But even then I felt that there was still more to the picture than this.

Being a gay man, I knew that I was not a mistake like I had been taught and somehow I too fit within God’s plan. This was when I discovered Agape Metropolitan Community Church in Fort Worth, Texas, where my belief system continued to expand and grow. I left there and continued my journey in several other churches.

I began reading books on various religions of the world and how what they believe is very similar to what I believe. Then about 2001 I read a book, The Celestine Prophecy and this launched me on a new journey into the realm of spirituality where Christianity is seen as just one path in the whole spiritual journey of humanity. I also began to study and practice meditation and the healing practice called Reiki, finally becoming a Reiki Master.

I continued my study on my own and at church for many years until one day I decided to attend seminary. I went to Brite Divinity School in Fort Worth, Texas. Here I continued to expand my knowledge and interest in religions other than Christianity. After graduating in 2001, I then began my own church, The Fort Worth Church Project, which I led until 2013.

But even as I completed my Master of Divinity and beginning my own church, I became more and more aware that truth and the search for God was bigger than even what was taught and believed in the major religions of the world. And this lead me to my searching through the thought and ideas of teachers in the New Thought community such as Neale Donald Walsch, Wayne Dyer and Ernest Holmes.

One day my partner, Gip Plaster, said to me that with all the books I have read and all the classes I have taken and since our physical spiritual community was not meeting that I should continue sharing this information so the idea for this blog was birthed. Here I am sharing books I have read and how they impact my life. I am exploring my former belief systems and how they relate to where I am now and how this relates to the world’s other great religions. I am sharing information about healing, meditation, Reiki and other spiritual topics.

If you want to contact me, email me at david@seekingonpurpose.com.