A New Humanity

The Bible, as well as most spiritual writing and traditions, offers the message that we are on a journey of growing  —  of evolving — and of becoming more than we presently are. They all hold forth the promise of an evolving humanity. This is also the message of the wonderful book by Charles Fillmore, The Twelve Powers, that I am beginning to discuss in this post and will be discussing the chapters in future posts during the year.

Before I go any further, here are the 12 powers.

1. Faith
2. Strength
3. Discernment or wisdom
4. Love
5. Power
6. Imagination
7. Understanding
8. Will
9. Order
10. Zeal
11. Elimination or release
12. Life

I’m so excited and inspired today as I think that as good and wonderful as my life and humanity are right now that there’s even more and greater advancements awaiting us both individually and collectively as we realize and unfold as the children of God that we already are.

You see children are already fully human at birth but they’ve not yet fully grown and developed to be what they’ll be at 20, 30 or even 80 or 90. A child, as great and wonderful as it is, has the potential of growing and developing into so much more. And this same thing is true of humanity.

As humanity has grown and evolved there been those times when it seems as if a leap has happened and humanity has made a great jump forward in both consciousness and experience.

The 100th Monkey

These leaps are often referred to as “the 100th monkey effect.” These are those times when a critical number of individuals have taken on a new task or a new way of thinking which in turn effects a change in the other members of the group. A tipping point is reached and a leap is made. The groups then becomes more than they previously were.

Paul, in the New Testament, refers to this as creation waiting for the revealing of the Children of God.

Fillmore says that Jesus came to the realization that he was fully human and fully divine. He also says that we should let that same mind be in us — you and me– that was in Jesus. And when we do then we’ll also realize that not only are we fully human but that we’re children of God and therefore have that same spark of divinity in us which was in Jesus.

Jesus realized that humanity was destined to grown and evolve because he told us to “do the same works that I do” and then he added, “you shall even do greater works than I do.” Now I don’t know about you but to me that’s a mouthful.

That to me can only mean that Jesus didn’t see himself as the pinnacle of human evolution nor did he see himself as the ‘the great exception’. These are ideas that Christianity developed and told us we should accept.

Those words of his say to me that he’s there to show the way and to help me to follow his example. Jesus says to “follow me,  as together we grow and evolve and become more fully human as we are more fully divine.”

And this can only be accomplished as we allow our minds to be renewed and transformed so that we can believe the truth about ourselves — that we are a wonderful, deeply loved and totally accepted child of God.

We can then let that spark of divinity within begin to expand and to release those 12 powers that Fillmore discusses in his book.

These powers are already present in each of us and they’re utilized all the time. Sometimes we use them in the most wonderful divine ways and as we do the world and our lives open up and miracles occur. But unfortunately at other times we use them in very human ways and we feel life and our world begins to close in and things begin to not work out.

This year I’ll be discussing each of the 12 powers and will look at ways to release them and use them in our lives in ways that will elevate and cause life to expand.

Final Thoughts

As humanity begins to consciously release and use these powers we’ll truly begin to create a new heaven and a new earth. We’ll create a world that is possible rather than a world that’s inevitable.

If you haven’t done so, get a copy of the book by clicking here.
Then begin reading it.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments regarding the new humanity and the world that’s possible. Please share them below so that we can all benefit from your wisdom.