F.E.A.R. — False Evidence

A couple of weeks ago I talked about energy cleansing. If you have not read my post on Energy Cleansing, be sure and read it. I focused on the Energy Cleansing meditation and process on the CD by Ed Spina. If you missed the offer, then order yourself a copy of this wonderful
Energy Center Clearing

There is a second meditation on that CD which focuses on cleansing limiting beliefs – beliefs that are no longer working for us. I am going to begin talking today about a big belief that hinders many people. It is the belief and energy known as fear.

Fear is especially pernicious due to all the hype and apocalyptic talk regarding this year, 2012. (I will have more to say regarding my feelings and insights on 2012 as the year progresses.)

2012 brings up much talk about endings and many people feel this is the end of the world when in reality this could be seen as just the ending of an age – like the Dark Ages, the Middle Ages, even the Renaissance or the Modern Age.

But this kind of talk often fosters in people a feeling of FEAR.

This could be fear of the future or fear of the “what ifs” or “what might be.”

You see, no one knows completely what life will be like when we enter the year 2013. And this causes fear to take over our thinking.

But what is fear? I like the explanation I read in many sources that the word fear is an acronym – each letter standing for a word.

FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real.

So let’s look at this definition a little closer.

“False Evidence” – life so often appears real with pain and problems. But in truth the only reality is that God is life and God is good and therefore life is good. Good is always coming to us. This is what is real. Everything in life is seeking to work together to produce our good – or so a very wise man, Saint Paul, once said.

Instead of looking at at the false evidence that attempts to convince you that it’s real – such as war, pain, illness, lack or separation – allow your spirit to connect with Spirit (God) and to see what is real – peace, wholeness, abundance and oneness.

The choice of what evidence you allow to be admissible in your life is totally up to you and this will determine the verdict you make about life.

1. Life is wonderful and good and I am truly blessed. Or

2. Life is dreadful and nothing good ever happens to me ad I am miserable.

The choice is totally up to you.

Choose life. Choose good. Choose God. It’s all the same. And as you do, you allow your life to demonstrate this reality.

Instead of your life being like a small handwritten sign that barely gets noticed, decide and intend to let it be like a large billboard that catches the attention of the masses as it proclaims and shows off the wonderful life you have chosen to create and thereby inspire others to join in this endeavor.

Let your light shine and bless yourself, other and the world. I sure intend to do this!


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