Which Sea Are You?

In my last post I said that next I would share my 5th suggestion for having a tremendous life. I am going to save that till next time as I have a few more thoughts that I feel inspired to share about giving.

And if you have not read my previous post on the subject of having a tremendous life, you might want to do so now.

You might be wondering what the title “Which Sea Are You?” has to do with this subject. So let me explain,

Often in the past when I was asked at various churches to talk about giving, I would share some information I had gathered about the 2 seas that are in the land of Israel. Then I would ask the people to decide which one of the seas they wanted their life to be like.

 The Two Seas

The first sea is the Dead Sea. This sea has an inlet, the Jordan River, but there is no outlet as water does not flow out of the Dead Sea.

And so, the sea is just as the name suggests — dead, not life-giving.

The other sea is the Sea of Galilee which lies in the northern part of Israel. There is water flowing into it from the mountains and then the Jordan River carries water out of it to the south. Inlet and Outlet — Receiving and Giving — Circulation.

The Sea of Galilee is known metaphysically as the sea of vitality, the sea of life.

It is reported that there are large number of many species of fish that live in the Sea of Galilee. There is an abundance of life because it circulates — it receives and it gives.

Live To Give And Receive

On a little different note, I have read that if you discern a lack or need or want in your life, then one of the best ways to get it flowing is to cause someone else to have this need or want met in their life.

If you need a smile in your life, give someone a smile.

If you need love in your life, find someone that needs love and give them some love.

If you need money in your wallet, find someone that needs some money and help them to have it.

This opens up the river of circulation in your own life and causes an outflow from you and since Nature — God — the Universe abhors a vacuum, it then causes an inflow into your life to fill the vacancy.

Give and it is given to you.

Ask and you shall receive.

Live to give.

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