Doing A Spiritual Striptease

You’re probably saying “what the what . What’s a spiritual striptease?” You’ve probably never heard or even thought these two words in the same sentence and you never thought of spiritual as modifying the word striptease. Surely a striptease is not something spiritual people would enjoy  or ever engage in.

But in our spiritual live maybe a striptease is just what’s needed.

Too often our thoughts and beliefs have gotten covered over by the thoughts and beliefs we receive from our society, parents, peers and even from our places of spiritual inspiration and worship.

Often these sources give us  inspiration and ideas that cause our lives to expand and be enriched but sometimes these same sources give us ideas and beliefs that are actually toxic. They just won’t work in a healthy spirituality.

Some of these ideas might be:

God really doesn’t love me unconditionally.
I’m just a poor wretched sinner.
I’m so unworthy.

These and other similar ideas and beliefs just need to be seen for what they are — toxic —  and removed so that we can BE the wonderful child of God that we already ARE. As we remove these toxic beliefs we can begin to see and believe the wonderful truth about yourselves.

This video is an introduction to my new video series on ‘naked spirituality.’ It’s only a little over five minutes so watch it before finishing this post.

I hope this video spoke to you. Please leave your thought and comments below. And if you realized any limiting beliefs in your own life share these also. I will try to respond to these in future post and videos.

And once again share this blog and my youtube channel, David Boger with you friends.

Together let’s do a spiritual striptease as we improve our spiritual health this year.

Blessings to you. Namaste!!!

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