Small Vision Transform into Big Ones

My devotional reading today was about enlarging your vision. It contained the quote that says “as a person thinks so are they.” The writer then went on to mention Moses being led up a high mountain and being promised everything his eye could see.

Today, we’re all led to high mountains — mountains in our minds and consciousness. And there we’re encouraged to look out at the areas of our lives and see where we need to expand and enlarge — where we need to heal and release.

It caused me to think back over 20 years ago when I was Student Clergy at the church we were attending. I was asked what I wanted out of ministry and I replied that I didn’t want to be an Elder or other denominational positions. I said that I just want a small group of people that needed to know that God loved them and then to lead them in their realization that God already does.

And you know that’s just what I got!!

The Fort Worth Church Project

I started the Fort Worth Church Project with a small group of people which over the years got even smaller. And yes my prophecy was fulfilled. But what made it even worse was that I could never really tell if any or how many of those people ever really realized that God truly did love them and wanted great and wonderful things for their lives.

So after about 12 years this group finally had to end as there weren’t enough people attending our weekly celebrations to continue meeting. So I had to go to the mountaintop and see what new vision was there for my life and ministry.

My Blog

So this blog (Seeking on Purpose) was the result. And as I started it I envisioned reaching more people than I’d previously reached in our weekly gatherings and I did.

Now I’ve once again gone to the mountaintop and I saw there another new Project. This’ll be a Project whereby I hope to reach even larger numbers of people.

My Videos

I now have started my own channel on youtube called David Boger. And so far my first video has had more viewers than I ever had at my weekly meeting. And I’m envisioning and believing that many more people will read my blog and watch my videos and hear a message that’ll enrich their lives as they believe that God does love them and really wants great and wonderful things for their lives.

Here’s the first video. Right now, take just 5 minutes and listen to it and let it bless your life. Then take just a few more moments and leave a comment and also subscribe to my channel so you won’t miss a single video in future.

Now after watching that video, make this affirmation for yourself and say it until it is real and you believe it and feel it in your heart.

God loves me right now and has wonderful things in store for my life and I am willing to receive them all!!

Believe it. Feel it!!!

Then let God lead you to the mountain and there show you the wonderful possibilities that are available for your life. They are abundant and endless. You can have a new possibility every day if you want.

Now as I close, let me encourage you to share this blog and my youtube channel with your friends and family and encourage them to subscribe to both.

May this day be the beginning of a new and wonderful life for you!! Namaste.

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