Reiki says, “Don’t Worry. Be Happy!!!”

Lately we have been hearing a lot about 2012. Many people associate this with the eschaton — the Second Coming as it is more popularly known. They see this as a very dire picture — and so it is portrayed in many writings. All of this is a source that cause most people to experience worry and fear. You never know what might occur — and so you worry.

In the New Testament, we hear the Teacher Paul writing words from a prison cell and telling us “do not worry about anything.”

This is the same message that is found in the first of the Reiki Five Life principles. “Just for today, do no worry.”

So why are we not to worry?

What Actually Is Worry?

Worry is a thought pattern that ultimately results from a feeling of being separated from others and from the universal whole.

We worry that things might go wrong in the future, we worry that things went wrong in the past. And this exercise causes us to shut down instead of opening up, of becoming “less than” instead of expanding into all that we are created to be.

But, you might be wondering, when all of these things being to happen, how can we not worry about anything?

After all, you say, “you don’t know MY circumstance.”

Well, I want to tell you that while I may not know all about whatever you are experiencing, but God does.

The reason that Paul and Jesus, the Reiki Masters and teachers and yes, even I am telling you not to worry is because we understand God and the universe and you — and the connection that exists between God, the universe and you.

Too often, we have the mistaken feeling that the world is out of control — moving along aimlessly and just taking us with it. Neale Donald Walsch, in his book Conversations with God reminds us that “our life is the product of our own creation.”

We truly are the masters of our own destiny.

If this is true, then what in the world do we have to be worried about?

Create A New Reality

If things in your life are not going the way you desire, then create a new result. But unfortunately, too often we seem to like playing the role of the victim — someone or something or some God has done this (whatever this is) to me. Poor pitiful me! And so, I am surely not responsible for anything bad or good that happens in my life.

But I must say to that line of reasoning, “you are so mistaken if you accept that. For you have been given the tools from God to create a new reality if the one you are experiencing is less than desirable.”

The Tool Of Remembering

One of the most powerful tools is that of remembering. This is part of the greatest work your soul can engage in.

The first thing we need to remember is that the universe is already set up to help you — to work for your highest good.

Paul, in a sense, says this in a little different fashion when he tells us in his writing to the Philippians to let our minds ponder or remember whatever is true. Not what might be or was true – what is true, whatever is honorable, is just, is pure, is pleasing, is commendable, is excellent and worthy of praise. He says that these are the things we should think about.

And so my friends, if there are experiences from the past that you regret then maybe it’d time that you examine the experience and seek to remember the lesson that it holds and learn it — and then MOVE ON!

Worrying about the future is futile since it is always an unknown — it is always fresh and new, exciting, unpredictable and adventurous. Trust yourself, trust life, knowing that God and life love you and that nothing can separate you from that love. Therefore, it is futile to worry about the future.

Remember, just for today, do not worry because worrying never helps any issue or situation. Drop it like and old bad habit.

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