Reiki Life Principles – Tools For Spiritual Growth

I first became fascinated with Reiki as a healing practice but as I studied, I soon found that the principles taught in Reiki were actually tools for spiritual growth and development. These principles or precepts were handed down from the teachings of Mikao Usui, the founder of modern Reiki.

What Are The Five Reiki Principles?

The five principles on which Reiki is founded are as follow:

1. Just for today, do no worry.

2. Just for today, do no anger.

3. Just for today, be filled with gratitude.

4. Just for today, be devoted to your work.

5. Just for today, be kind to every living thing.

If you search for Reiki principles, you might find them stated in other forms, but these are the words I use. And I use them in the way that Usui instructed his students. He said that each morning and evening, one should fold their hands in the Gassho position, in the prayer position, and then to repeat the principles quietly and allow them to sink into one’s heart and mind and from there to guide one’s life. I attempt to follow this practice daily in my own life and I encourage you to also.

Just For Today

Each principle begins with the phrase “just for today.” In many ways, this is the most important part of the statements.

Too often, our lives are lives like a seesaw. We fret and feel guilt over the past or our minds are projecting into the future and we find ourselves filled with worry and concern. We spend time wondering “what-if?”

All the while, the wonderful gift that is the present is left unopened. Just for today calls us back to this present moment and offers us the opportunity to make each experience one of joy and delight.

So, just for today take some time to be with yourself. Be conscious of your senses. Or spend some quality conscious time with a loved one or being out in nature. Be present to the experience. Breathe!

Each morning and evening, take time to be conscious and aware and remember you only have to do it just for today.

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  • Sam

    Reiki therapy works no matter whether the student believes it or not. But it is said that the practice of Reiki helps people to keep in touch with their spiritual selves rather than the intellectual notion that it provides. The practice of Reiki also is designed to encourage and promote living in a good relationship with others. In addition to practicing Reiki and its philosophy, the founding father of the Reiki system, Mikao Usui also recommends the practice of simple moral ideals that will bring about peace and harmony among people. Getting to know what Reiki is might help people not just become a healing channel but also a tool to promote harmony among other people.

  • David Boger

    Thanks Sam for your comment. I also see reiki as not just a means and method for physical healing but also, as you sai, it is a practice that helps the whole person, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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