The Prophecy That Started A Journey

Lately I have been thinking about my own spiritual journey. And as I do, my thoughts went back to the year 2000. A new millennium was beginning. And several events occurred in my life that marked a new beginning for me.

As I mentioned in a previous post Reiki — Putting Energy To Work, 2000 was the year that I heard about the healing method called Reiki. This would begin a return to the healing journey I had begun back in the ’70s during my time in the Charismatic movement.

And this would also be the year that I found and read a wonderful book that would help to expand not only my spiritual outlook but also my outlook and belief about all areas of life.

Here is a little of how it happened. While shopping at a Half Price Book Store in Fort Worth, I picked up a book called The Celestine Prophecy written by James Redfield. I could not explain it but for some reason I felt drawn to read this book. While it is a work of fiction, I soon found that it was also a messenger bringing wonderful spiritual insights – insights that have been forgotten by much of humanity, including myself.

The book tells the story of several adventurers in search of a manuscript that was said to have been written about 600 B.C. in Aramaic. It follows these explorers as they travel from the United States to the jungles and mountains of Peru in search of this lost manuscript.

At each twist and turn in their journey, they rediscover each of the nine insights contained in the manuscript and learn through their experiences how each insight relates to their lives and how the insights build on one another to furnish a more complete understanding of life, our relationships with each other and our relationship with God. As they allowed each new understanding to become a part of their experience, they found their lives transformed in almost miraculous ways.

As I said, there are nine insights in the book and I will be exploring each one of them with you in the next few months. But for now let’s look a little at the first insight.

The first insight describes an awakening that is taking place within humanity. It says that more people around the globe will beginning to wake up to the fact that life is more than just eating and sleeping, playing and working. People will beginning to recognize that here is more to life than just the physical – that there is a spiritual component to life.

This awaken has been happening on the planet since the 1960s when a great spiritual awakening began and which has increased and spread since those years.

And, according to the insight, this group will continue to grow. And with all growth, we wonder what will occur when he number reaches critical mass?

This is the spiritual journey I found myself on as I read The Celestine Prophecy. And with each step of the journey I found the characters being guided and directed. But as with all things spiritual, they get to choose whether or not to follow the guidance. And the book reminds us that on our journey we too receive guidance but we get to choose whether to follow it and allow our lives to expand or to reject it and remain in the small place where we find ourselves.

But how did humanity get to this place of awakening? Well, that’s the subject of the next insights. And we will explore these in future posts. So stay tuned, and if you have not read The Celestine Prophecy, get a copy and enjoy the journey and keep reading my posts.

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Reiki – Putting Energy To Work For You

Back in 2000 as a new millennium was beginning, I was emailing a friend in England and we were actively discussing lots of spiritual ideas and topics. In one of his emails, he mentioned that he had been studying a method of spiritual healing. When I saw the word ‘healing’, I was instantly hooked.

You see, all my life I have been interested in healing and miracles. I loved reading all those stories in the Bible about miracles and people healing and being healed. It fascinated me. I wished that I had lived in those miracle-filled days.

During the 1970s, my interest led me into the Charismatic movement. Here I learned a lot about praying for the sick and the laying on of hands. During this time, I received the baptism in the Holy Spirit and was told that the Gifts of the Spirit, which included gifts of healing and working of miracles, were available and possible for me. I prayed for lots of people and laid hands on many of them. Some of the people were helped and healed.

But when I left the Charismatic groups, I seemed to have lost the inspiration to pray and lay hands on people. In my heart though, I always knew that I would one day return to healing. I just was not sure how or when.

Now it was 2000 and I was once again hearing about healing and it was like a breath of fresh air blowing into my life as my friend wrote and told me about discovering Reiki.

Reiki, I learned, is a healing method that uses laying on of hands, like I did back in my Charismatic days, except that now instead of just laying your hands on the person’s head, there is a pattern of hand placements that begins with the hands over the eyes, then over the ears, the back of the head and finally on down the body. Reiki can also be offered though a long-distance treatment since the energy knows no limits of time or space.

Energy or chi is allowed to flow through the practitioner’s hands into the body of the one being treated. This energy, since it is the same as life energy or vital energy, knows where to go and what to do in the body. It works to remove the causes of illness or dis-ease instead of just relieving symptoms.

I studied with my friend and became a Reiki practitioner. I now lovingly give Reiki to everyone that requests it, either in person or long-distance.

It was suggested that I read a book by Diane Stein called Essential Reiki: A Complete Guide to an Ancient Healing Art. I found this to be a very instructive book and highly recommend it to anyone interested in either learning more about Reiki or becoming a Reiki practitioner.

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Meditation – A Good Step Towards A Greater You

KIn my last post I talked about the next greatest version of the greatest vision that you have ever had about yourself. This is a phrase used by one of my favorite authors, Neale Donald Walsch, in Conversations With God : An Uncommon Dialogue (Book 1). If you have not made the acquaintance of this author or his books, then maybe this year, 2012, is the year for you to get one of the books and read it.

Creating the next greatest version of yourself – the 2012 version – is really one way to follow the words of that great Teacher and Master Jesus. He said words that nearly everyone has heard – “the works that I do you can do also and even greater works will you do.”

We have all heard these words at one time or another and many people believe that they apply to Jesus and maybe even to people we call saints. But unfortunately, most of us don’t really believe that they actually apply to our lives, yours and mine.

But what if they do?

What if he really said what he meant and meant what he said? I believe he did just that!

So what is a good way to begin creating this life?

After you let yourself imagine what this new you might be like, you have to give yourself permission to believe that you really can create it. Realize your own power to create.

Know that you can create and you will.

Know that you are creating at this moment and you are.

After you realize your own power, then you need to take the next step and do something in order to create it. But how do you know what that next step might be?

One of the most powerful way to hear and know what to do next is to meditate – to allow yourself to enter the silent chamber of your own heart and there to commune with that still small voice that speaks out of the silence.

Here you will receive the inspiration and insight of what step you need to take now. It might be just a little one like calling or emailing an old friend or acquaintance that you have lost touch with. They might have just the information or action that you need to have or do. Or it could be a big step like something you need to buy or sell. But whatever the step remember you have to do it in prder to get yourself moving.

You are a unique manifestation of universal creative energy – Spirit – that has incarnated on the earth to experience a physical reality that this particular moment in time.

You are a wonderful, high, spiritual being who only deserves the best.

In 2012, all of the universe is seeking to conspire with you to create a wonderful new reality. But the choice is up to you. There is no question that this new reality is being created. The question and choice you have to make is whether or no you will be a part of it. This is the choice you get to make in 2012. So what’s your choice?

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What Will You Create Today?

Today really is the first day of the rest of your life.

This day is like a blank sheet of paper – just waiting to see what you will create as you create the next greatest version of the grandest vision you have ever had of yourself.

This day is filled with infinite possibilities. Nothing is impossible — unless you choose for it to be.

So what will you create today?

Even though the year is already moving forward, it is never too late to take a few minutes today to contemplate your current version of yourself. Some areas you might examine are your physical body, your spiritual life and your emotions, your relationships, and your finances. Think about any of these areas or others that might come to mind. Look at where they are right now and look at them honestly.

This will give you a starting point as you seek to create a new and improved version of yourself.

After you look at these areas for a few moments, allow yourself to imagine what the next greatest version, the 2012 version, might look like. What would the next upgrade in that area include? Allow the changes to be as small or as grand as you want. For whatever it is, this will not be the final version of yourself that you will create. New upgrades can be made as often as you decide to create a new one. YOU are the creator.!

Let your imagination go free… pretend as if what you desire is already a reality… feel the new you… feel the change. Ask yourself “What would my life be like if this version was operating already?” How would you act? Think? Speak? Be?

During the days ahead, let thoughts and ideas come to you as what steps you need to take in order to create this new version, this 2012 version of the greatest vision that you have had about yourself. And as they come to you, take the steps and see where life leads you on your journey this year.

May this be your best year yet!!! I intend for it to be mine.

Energy Cleansing In 30 Minutes A Day

The entire universe is composed of energy. This includes the physical body. In the East, it is widely recognized that there are twelve centers of energy that corresponds to the glands and that help to regulate the energy that flows in the body. These centers are called chakras. The chakras are located along the spinal cord.

The centers are the pineal gland, the pituitary gland, the thyroid, the thymus, the heart, the adrenals, the solar plexus, the spleen, the pancreas, the liver, the kidneys and the reproductive organs.

These centers need to be clean and in alignment in order for the energy of life to flow freely. But life comes along and gets in the way and causes us to experience fear, worry, hatred and a host of other emotions that settle in the centers and cause them to become dull, negative and toxic thereby opening the door to illnesses, confusion and stress filled.

Negative energy pulls us down and makes life constrict and close in on us. It shuts us off to the flow of good in the universe.

We all need to learn to release these negative energies and to cleanse and align our energy centers in order to relieve stress, increase your energy and experience more peace and wholeness.

I found a method that helps me to achieve these results in as little as 30 minutes a day. I use a CD produced by Edwin Spina called the Energy Center Clearing CD that guides me though each center and helps me unload the negativity that is accumulated there. Spina has you visualize each center and helps you dislodging the negative energy.

I have found that using the CD daily is like having a personal spiritual retreat. It is a great way to get he day off to a positive start. In the past, I have used the CD daily for a 40-day spiritual retreat to get the year off to a great start or to re-energize myself during stressful times.

The CD spends some time cleansing both the heart and liver centers. The heart center is often filled with unforgiveness for oneself, other or even God. This needs to be cleansed away and any walls that have been built around the heart removed in order for love to flow freely both to us and from us.

The liver is the center where anger is stored. This needs to be drained off and removed. When you get to the liver center on the CD, you are given specific instructions on how to drain the anger off the liver and dispose of it.

So if you are looking for a great CD to give yourself or a friend, consider purchasing Ed Spina’s Energy Center Clearing CD. It will quickly become one of your favorite meditation CDs. Just click on this link to order it: Energy Center Clearing CD.

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