Meditation – A Good Step Towards A Greater You

KIn my last post I talked about the next greatest version of the greatest vision that you have ever had about yourself. This is a phrase used by one of my favorite authors, Neale Donald Walsch, in Conversations With God : An Uncommon Dialogue (Book 1). If you have not made the acquaintance of this author or his books, then maybe this year, 2012, is the year for you to get one of the books and read it.

Creating the next greatest version of yourself – the 2012 version – is really one way to follow the words of that great Teacher and Master Jesus. He said words that nearly everyone has heard – “the works that I do you can do also and even greater works will you do.”

We have all heard these words at one time or another and many people believe that they apply to Jesus and maybe even to people we call saints. But unfortunately, most of us don’t really believe that they actually apply to our lives, yours and mine.

But what if they do?

What if he really said what he meant and meant what he said? I believe he did just that!

So what is a good way to begin creating this life?

After you let yourself imagine what this new you might be like, you have to give yourself permission to believe that you really can create it. Realize your own power to create.

Know that you can create and you will.

Know that you are creating at this moment and you are.

After you realize your own power, then you need to take the next step and do something in order to create it. But how do you know what that next step might be?

One of the most powerful way to hear and know what to do next is to meditate – to allow yourself to enter the silent chamber of your own heart and there to commune with that still small voice that speaks out of the silence.

Here you will receive the inspiration and insight of what step you need to take now. It might be just a little one like calling or emailing an old friend or acquaintance that you have lost touch with. They might have just the information or action that you need to have or do. Or it could be a big step like something you need to buy or sell. But whatever the step remember you have to do it in prder to get yourself moving.

You are a unique manifestation of universal creative energy – Spirit – that has incarnated on the earth to experience a physical reality that this particular moment in time.

You are a wonderful, high, spiritual being who only deserves the best.

In 2012, all of the universe is seeking to conspire with you to create a wonderful new reality. But the choice is up to you. There is no question that this new reality is being created. The question and choice you have to make is whether or no you will be a part of it. This is the choice you get to make in 2012. So what’s your choice?

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  • Lorie McCloud

    those words of Jesus have meant a lot too me on my own spiritual journey. for years now, I’ve been writing (off and on) a novel about some teenagers who because of circumstances in their lives have to look beyond the accepted cultural supports and constraints and they discover that taking Jesus at his word is radical indeed!

  • David Boger

    I too love those words from Jesus. You need to work on that novel and get it out to encurage the world.

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