What If God Offered You A Present?

People are always pondering the question “where is God?” This question is as old as time and has engaged the mind and heart of humanity for as long as we have existed.

Most systems of theology seek to answer this question in one of two ways. They either offer a god that is seated somewhere in a heavenly realm and so far removed from the material creation or they see a god that is in every rock, tree, animal or human.

Old Viewpoint

In this blog, I love sharing with you my journey of seeking on purpose.

For many years, I believed in this far distance and removed God. To me, he (and yes, I believed that God was an old white man with a long white beard that was seated on a throne somewhere in heaven. This God was always on the lookout watching for people to stump their toe or do something that he did not approve of so he could strike them with sickness, poverty, bad fortune or ultimately with death and hell.

But for all of those years, yes, while I thought I believed in this God, in my heart, I knew that this was not who God really was.

New Viewpoint

There was a phrase from the Bible that I had read many times that kept coming back to me. But like so many other verses, I just thought and was taught that this was just a nice poetic phrase that was put there and that we could never really fathom the meaning. The verse I refer to is “In God we live and move and have our being.”

After much reflection and contemplation, I feel I now have some understanding of this verse. To me, it now means that everything that exists only exists as a part and an emanation of God. It says that there is no where that we can go that is not a part of God. As the Psalmist says, “if we go to the highest or if we plummet to the depths, there is God.”

Yes, wherever we are, God is!!

Maybe all that is really needed in order to answer the question “where is God?” is just a new sense of awareness. We just need to allow ourselves to become aware of the fact that God is right where we are.

For me, I readily become aware of this wonderful presence as I sit in silence in my office or as I walk about in nature. Stilling my thoughts, I sense a presence, an energy that permeates all the space around and within me. I breath deeply and feel life and peace and joy entering and filling my body.

And as do, I am enabled to look  behind all the seeming temporary effects of life and to see the wholeness and perfection from which all of life springs. I take my gaze away from the effects and I look at the cause and as I do, I have to acknowledge that “all is well.”

I find while in this new awareness a greater knowing that the universe in which I live and move and experience my being is a good one that moves in divine order. It is a universe that seeks to conspire and work with me to bring to pass in my life experience the perfection and wholeness that is our true nature.

Today, begin to court the presence of God in this way in your own life. Allow yourself to sense and focus on the goodness of life, on the love which God has for you. And as you do, you can come to realize that a greater life is just waiting to find expression though and as you as you begin to allow it to be. And you will say with me “wherever I am, God is and all is well!”

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