Steps To Vibrant Health And Well-Being

Most of us desire more well-being and vitality in life. We want some ache or pain to go away. Maybe we even have some more serious condition that we seek to receiving healing for. So what do we need to do?

Before I give you the steps, I want to address the subject of healing vs. curing.

Healing Vs. Curing

So often, what we want is to be cured, to have the symptoms go away. And often this is what we achieve. Curing looks at the external and seeks to make changes here. It seeks to change the physical manifestation without addressing the underlying causes.

But what if the symptoms don’t go away? I believe that you can still be healed.

Healing, on the other hand, is an inside process. It begins in the heart and spirit where we bring ourselves into balance and alignment and where we find peace and tranquility in the midst of any physical condition that may still exist. Here, in the heart, we align ourselves with the health and peace of God and we seek to remove all fear, hatred and unforgiveness and anything that is present which is unlike God.

I have known many people that even though they still exhibited the symptoms of a disease were still healed and were more whole and alive than many people I had known who did not have any physical symptoms or illnesses.

Steps We Can Take To Be Healed

Here are five steps you can take in order to experience healing in any area of your life.

1. Begin with the bigger picture.

You have to realize that you live and move and experience your being in God. I believe that God is all that is and that God is perfect. This means that even though I don’t always appear as perfect, in every way, since I am part of God, I am perfect. There is a perfect manifestation of myself, whole and healthy, in the mind of God. This is the mind of Christ which sees the big picture. This is also the first step in affirmative prayer as taught in Unity or a spiritual mind treatment as taught in Science of Mind. You recognize that there is only one life and that life is God.

2. Allow this picture to be the way you see yourself.

You have to make this whole picture your reality. You have to realize and believe that the one life that is God now manifests as you. You have to allow the mind of Christ, the Christ-consciousness to be your consciousness. Every time you have an ache or pain or a condition manifests in your body, don’t resist it. Acknowledge that it is there but as you do, allow a greater reality of wholeness to be overlaid over the situation.

Once, while in college I had a urinary tract infection. I decided that I was going to allow it to be healed. Every time that the condition made itself aware to me, I noticed it and then affirmed that “I am healed and made whole.” Within just a few days, the condition completely cleared up and was gone.

3. Be optimistic and happy.

Learn to laugh. It is amazing the power of laughter. It is a great healing technique on its own. Laughter is really great medicine and we all need to laugh more.

4. Do something.

Follow your intuition and inner guidance.

Maybe there are some positive lifestyle changes that you need to make. Maybe you diet needs some attention. Have you been exercising? Do something that you feel inspired to do.

5. Use positive affirmations.

Don’t begin here because if you do no have a belief in a bigger reality and that it is possible for this bigger reality to be you reality, then you will not be as successful with using an affirmation. While this is possibly the easiest step to take and where we would love to begin, we need to lay the foundation for this to work.

Try these five steps in our own life and see what results you get. I think that we all are on our own journey of health and healing, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. These steps can be used in any of these areas as well as in your financial and relationships.

The inspiration for this post came from a message I heard a few weeks ago at Unity Church of Fort Worth. It was given by the pastor, Paul John Roach. While my comments may not be exactly the steps he outlined, they were inspired by him.

I would also love to hear about any techniques or methods that you use when you are in need of healing in your own life.

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