Mysterious Adventures or Coincidences — You Decide


As we begin to wake up on our life’s spiritual journey, we start to take notice of meaningful events that occur in our lives. This is the beginning point and leads to an awareness of the divine flow within our lives.

Synchronicity was the name given to the observance of life coincidences that seem to flow together in meaningful ways or patterns by the Swedish psychologist, Carl Jung.

Have you experienced synchronicities in your own life?

Maybe you got a call from a friend that you had been concerned about only to hear that they were involved in an accident but were unharmed by the experience. Or, you went to the mailbox and found an unexpected check from someone. When you saw the check, it was for the amount of money that you were needing to make your expenses.

The Message In Synchronicity

We have all had these or similar experiences. But what message are they seeking to bring to us? That is the question we should be asking as they occur.

We are not on this planet at this time by accident. Our lives are not a series of meaningless dramas and comedies. There is a purpose to life and somehow, we are guided by something outside ourselves, something bigger and grander than we are as individuals.

And these seemingly coincidental events are attempting to help reconnect our lives to that something bigger and grander. They seek to remind us that all of life is interconnected and that we live and move and experience life within a bigger framework. And I call this framework God.

And the message they seek to convey is only heard as we allow ourselves to listen to that still small voice that speaks at the center of our being.


Some see this as the voice of our intuition. And listening to this voice often opens the doors up for coincidental experiences or synchronicities to occur in our lives.

Look at your own life and see where you have had these wonderful experiences where the divine Spirit intersects with your life and allows a miracle to be born. Then please share these experiences with us.

Carl Jung made this wonderful observation, “Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. [The one] who looks outside, dreams. [The one] who looks inside, awakens.”

Look inside and allow the awakening to begin with you and as it does, then you will join the mass of people who are awakening spiritually as they are led by these mysterious coincidences.

The only question that remains is “What will happen when the number of spiritually awake people reaches critical mass?”

Who knows what the answer to this question will be? I don’t know that answer but the one thing I do know is that it will be awesome when it occurs and I want to be a part of it. I hope you do also!!!

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