Money, Money – What Is the Source of Your Money and Abundance?

I love talking about the chakra system. This is the way that energy comes to us and interacts with our physical bodies. But it is also a means by which we can gauge and examine our belief systems and our spiritual values.

I have mentioned that the root chakra is the foundation of our energy system.  And because of this, it is a very important one. Here we find our concern to be on survival, belongingness, Money, shelter, are just the physical out picturing of our root chakra beliefs and values.

And many, if not most of our belief and values, are picked up from our families as we grew up.

My Family And Beliefs About Needs

My parents always seemed to be concerned with hard work in order to provide and never seemed to either know what their passion was or how to live and work in order to fulfill it. They always seemed to be involved with jobs that were just there to make money to keep body and soul together.

I can’t say that my family had a belief in abundance and plenty.

We always seemed to be able to have just enough to get by on. And I seem to have caught this thought and for a big part of my life, I made it part of my belief system.

And so my family and myself, for most of my life,  probably had a very diminished and dark root chakras.

There seems to be this belief among most people that in order to get ahead, you must work hard at your tasks. But this often just results in lots of action with little results and not much satisfaction.

My New Belief About Needs

But now in my life, I am beginning to see things differently.

I hope that you have read my post concerning my thoughts on God. This is important because, as Paul Tillich says, “God is the Ground of Being.” How I view God determines how I see everything else in my life.

I now understand that God is truly all there is. “In God,” Paul tells us in the New Testament, “we live and move and experience our being.”

And I believe that since God is all there is, then we are linked with a source of supply that is unlimited. In fact, Paul tells us that God will supply all our needs according to God’s resources and supply in heaven.

Too often, I find myself slipping back into my old thoughts and beliefs and making people or a job my source of supply and as I do, my root chakra gets muddied and cloudy. But as I allow myself to slip into the wordless still place at the center of my being I find that I can reconnect with the true source of life and all that is, God, and then I can allow all sorts of wonderful and creative ideas to emerge and I can begin to imagine a new and wonderful future of abundance and supply. And as I do, I find my root chakra being cleansed, energized and balanced.

Try this and see if it benefits you. Remember what your family’s beliefs about money and work and then as you enter a meditative state, allow yourself to realize that God is the source of all that you need. From this place, allow all sorts of new and creative thoughts and ideas to come into that space. Don’t judge the thoughts, just look at them and see what help they can be and if they offer the next step that you need to take on your journey.

Imagine wholeness and ideas come, then plans, then acts, then beauty out-pictured.

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