Greetings In This New Year


It’s been awhile since my last post and we are beginning a new year, a time of introspection and preparation. So I’ve decided to share a few books I’ve been reading lately.

Then I’ll share a link to my earlier post discussing the book, The Twelve Powers by Charles Fillmore. I’ll get back to discussing this wonderful book again in February but until then you should get a copy of the book and read or just reread my comments so far.

Lately I’ve been reading the following books:
The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes
How to Pray Without Talking to God by Linda Martella-Whitsett
God is Not a Christian, nor a Jew, Muslim, Hindu by Bishop Carlton Pearson

These books have all contributed to changes in my theology that we all live and move and experience our very being in and as God. There’s nothing, Paul says, that can separate us from God — but we can experience a sense of separation if we choose.

This is also the message of the wonderful book by Charles Fillmore. I will begin again in a few weeks discussing the 12 spiritual powers or qualities. We all have these qualities but at time fail to engage or develop them. But when we do, we can feel and experience our oneness with and as God.

Ernest Holmes, the author of The Science of Mind, says “the evolution of [humans’] consciousness brings with it the acquisition of new powers and higher possibilities.” He then states that “evolution is an eternal unfoldment of the more yet to be.”

Until then, check out the post for my previous discussions of this book:
A New Humanity

As we prepare to experience the Christ principle in our lives may these books and post give you new ideas to ponder.

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