Christ In You — Your Hope And your Glory

I’m writing this post on the 4th Day of the 12 days of Christmas. It’s still the Christmas season. And as I am writing I’m thinking back on those days leading up to Christmas, the days we call the Advent Season.

Advents Past

As a child, I didn’t know much about Advent since the church I attended didn’t celebrate it. We just went right to our Christmas celebration…

But when we finally added it to our church year, I realized that it’s a very important and necessary part of life. You see, if you’re having a baby it takes time for the baby to be conceived, then developed and finally born. There’s a long 9 month period of preparation.

This is also true of the spiritual life.

Advents Present

When our church finally started celebrating Advent and had an Advent wreath, we always lit the 4 outer candles first and then on Christmas Eve we lit the middle Christ candle. And that’s how my spiritual life seemed to go at that time. I was always preparing and waiting for something — new birth — to happen sometime in the future.

But now, we’re going to Unity and I’ve realized something different that really makes sense to me and feels right in my heart. At Unity, we light the Christ candle on the 1st Sunday of Advent along with the usual 1st candle.

So why’s this important?

Too often we believe that spiritual awakening or new birth is something that either happens only once or that it’s something that’ll happen sometime in the future. And really both are true, just not the whole truth.

The Christ Spirit, that’s represented by the Christ candle is always in each of us. It never leaves us nor forsakes us. But too often, we just choose to forget who we really are as a child of God. But each time that we make the choice to remember that wonderful presence, it comes alive within our lives and we’re reborn.

So whenever you’re reading this post remember that this is the day and now’s the time that you can remember and experience the wonderful birthing of the Christ Spirit in your life. Remember Christ is here NOW both with us and in us.

Christ in you, Your Hope and Your Glory!!!

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And be sure and watch for posts this year as I explore a wonderful book by Charles Fillmore on the twelve spiritual powers in each of us called The Twelve Powers.
You might want to get a copy of this book by clicking the link so that you can read along and join in our discussion.

Have a blessed New Year. Namaste!!

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