Several years ago, I went to a White Stone service at church. I hadn’t ever been to one before and was excited to see what might happen. (This is based on the scripture in Revelations 2:17 where God gives to us a white stone with a new name written on it. )

Click here to read my post describing the service and here to read my blog post of my reaction after the service.)

After I received my stone, I heard the following word in my heart — available.
I’ve had this stone sitting by my computer ever since. But unfortunately that’s all it is — just a stone with a word written on it sitting by my computer.

But now, in this year 2017, I’m making an intention to allow the word I was given — available — to enter into my heart and life.

  • I intend to make myself available to God, Spirit, the Universe or whatever name we want to call it.
  • I intend to be available to gratitude and thanksgiving.I intend to be available to give and receive all the blessings that life has to offer both to and through me.
  • I intend to discover new ways to minister. I went to seminary and then began the Fort Worth Church Project. This means of ministry ended in 2012. Since then I’ve been floundering — but NOW I want to be available and open to new ways to reach out and share the message of my heart.

Available — I think it’s frightening to me to really be available. Afraid that it might have made me something I didn’t want to be. Or it might have taken away something I didn’t want to lose.

But now I believe that it’s going to take me and expand everything wonderful about myself and my life. Maybe things will leave, or be sifted out. But now I think I’m ready because if they can be sifted out then maybe they don’t need to be a part of my life anymore.

Maybe you’re ready now to make a new beginning in your life too.You don’t need a physical white stone to do this. Just hold out your hands and imagine Life placing a beautiful white stone in your hands with a wonderful new name or word written on it. Allow Spirit to whisper in your heart this wonderful word that’s to guide your life now. (If you want you can share this word with us and we can hold your intention with you.)

I’ll be sharing with you my intentions, my messages and my blessings this year through this blog. Feel free to share yours also.

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