Epiphany — A White Stone, A Piece Of Paper, A New Beginning

January 6 was the Sunday in the Christian calendar that is celebrated as Epiphany Sunday. This celebrates the visit of the Wise Ones to the baby Jesus.

While that is an interesting story and one I have loved since childhood, the question needs to be asked, “what does that have to do with us and our lives?”

To answer this question, I am going to ask a few more questions.

First, what is an epiphany?

Second, how do a piece of paper and a white stone relate to Epiphany or a visit from Wise Ones?

And last, how does all of this contribute to a new beginning?

So let’s answer these question and see what message and inspiration we can get for our lives today.

What is an epiphany?

The dictionary says that an epiphany is “an unveiling, a revealing or a manifestation.”

I was taught that the visit from the Wise Ones signified God’s revelation to those who were not Jews and was to indicate that God’s was available to and inclusive of all of humanity.

You know, many times we need an unveiling in our own lives. We allow the truth that we are a child of God and loved deeply by God to become covered over by thoughts and beliefs such as fear, worry and unworthiness. We forget who we really are and this causes all the things we see in life that we call problems.

So now you are wondering what does this forgetting and the unveiling and to do with a piece of paper and a white stone. I can only tell you how they relate in my life and hope that you can find an epiphany in your own life.

On Christmas Eve, we went to a candle light service at church. Each candle had wrapped around it a piece of paper with an affirmation. As I unwrapped my candle, I read the following affirmation, I rest in the knowledge that God is in control.”

This was the perfect affirmation for me as lots of things in my life had gotten out of my control and I needed to be reminded that even when I appear to be “out of control”, God never is. And maybe even more importantly, I need to remember that even the out of control areas are working together to create and be the good in my life.

Then the next epiphany happened on Sunday, January 6, which was Epiphany Sunday. This time instead of a candle, we were offered a white stone and the minister read Revelation 2: 17. “Are your ears awake? Listen. Listen to the Wind Words, the Spirit blowing through the churches. I’ll give the sacred manna to every conqueror; I’ll also give a white, smooth stone inscribed with your new word, your secret new word.”

He then said that as we each listen to Spirit, we would be given a “new word” that would give us inspiration, direction and guidance for our lives.

So what word was I given? I am going to tell you in my next post where I will also share some about the story of Moses and the burning bush and the name of God that Moses was told. I will also tell you the step that I am taking at present to live my word.

Until then, begin looking for the epiphanies that are happening in your own life and feel free to share them with us. And also, check out Charles Fillmore’s Metaphysical Bible Dictionary for more information on the ‘white stone’. It is found under the article on Pergamus because this was the church in Asia Minor that spirit was speakingto in the verse from Revelations.

Mysterious Adventures or Coincidences — You Decide


As we begin to wake up on our life’s spiritual journey, we start to take notice of meaningful events that occur in our lives. This is the beginning point and leads to an awareness of the divine flow within our lives.

Synchronicity was the name given to the observance of life coincidences that seem to flow together in meaningful ways or patterns by the Swedish psychologist, Carl Jung.

Have you experienced synchronicities in your own life?

Maybe you got a call from a friend that you had been concerned about only to hear that they were involved in an accident but were unharmed by the experience. Or, you went to the mailbox and found an unexpected check from someone. When you saw the check, it was for the amount of money that you were needing to make your expenses.

The Message In Synchronicity

We have all had these or similar experiences. But what message are they seeking to bring to us? That is the question we should be asking as they occur.

We are not on this planet at this time by accident. Our lives are not a series of meaningless dramas and comedies. There is a purpose to life and somehow, we are guided by something outside ourselves, something bigger and grander than we are as individuals.

And these seemingly coincidental events are attempting to help reconnect our lives to that something bigger and grander. They seek to remind us that all of life is interconnected and that we live and move and experience life within a bigger framework. And I call this framework God.

And the message they seek to convey is only heard as we allow ourselves to listen to that still small voice that speaks at the center of our being.


Some see this as the voice of our intuition. And listening to this voice often opens the doors up for coincidental experiences or synchronicities to occur in our lives.

Look at your own life and see where you have had these wonderful experiences where the divine Spirit intersects with your life and allows a miracle to be born. Then please share these experiences with us.

Carl Jung made this wonderful observation, “Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. [The one] who looks outside, dreams. [The one] who looks inside, awakens.”

Look inside and allow the awakening to begin with you and as it does, then you will join the mass of people who are awakening spiritually as they are led by these mysterious coincidences.

The only question that remains is “What will happen when the number of spiritually awake people reaches critical mass?”

Who knows what the answer to this question will be? I don’t know that answer but the one thing I do know is that it will be awesome when it occurs and I want to be a part of it. I hope you do also!!!


Just for Today — Do Not Anger

We are looking at the second Reiki principle, which is an antidote for an emotion that threatens to rob us of peace, as an individual, as a community and yes as a world. This principle says “just for today, do not anger.”

We are going to look at what anger really is and what it does to us physically and spiritually. Finally, we will look at a simple technique to release anger.

But before we examine the principle, I was to remind you of something very basic that we must remember. All five principles begin with the phrase “just for today.” They each deal with the concept of NOWNESS — the here-now. You see this is when change is made, new realities are created, as you are conscious in the present moment — always mindful of your thoughts and actions — here-now.

Just for today — do not anger.

This does not mean do not be angry but actually something radically different.

What is Anger?

Anger is an attachment, a demand that we, others or world conditions not be as they “are” but as our wants, desires and conditioning think that they need or “should be.”

You see, your focus determines your reality; where your awareness is, there you are.

When we look at situation, we see that our anger can often be triggered by some minor incident — the proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back.” Often the incident that causes us to explode is not directly relate to the deeper source and real reason for our anger. For example, someone comes along and while having a cup of coffee or tea, drops and breaks the cup. And we react by exploding. All the while, the real reason for our anger is that our partner or spouse is not giving us the attention we feel we desire or have been conditioned to believe that we need. They are not acting as you feel they should.

Often, as we hold on to our wants and desires, we tend to begin to react in ways that cause us to harm others. And in this way, we move from being the master of our own destiny to actually being enslaved by others as they cause and trigger reactions in us.

We must not allow ourselves to fuel anger or even to try and smother or bury it. The goal is to learn to be a master as we convert and transform anger and worry into hope and peace. Changing the negative energies into positive forces in and yes, through our lives.

We begin to do this as we learn to take responsibility and learn to respond and act in more healthy ways. Taking care of volatile situations is necessary; responding to them in anger is not.

To React or To Act? That Is The Question

We need to allow ourselves to learn ways to act while not producing, carrying or throwing destructive energy all around. We do this as we learn to live and act from our true spiritual center of love instead of reacting from our minds, emotions or bodies.

When we react, we allow others to dictate or control our actions and emotions. And like with most reactions, the result is disastrous and explosive. But when we act from our center we consciously decide ourselves and keep power for ourselves instead of giving it away to others.

We need to look deep within each instance where anger rears its ugly head and take responsibility for our reaction. We also need to look consciously and honestly to see if we can uncover the real reason that we reacted as we did.

When dealing with anger, remember the following things:

Anger is built into our systems as human beings. It is a pressure valve, releasing negative energy.

It is not the expression of anger, but how it is expressed that causes you concern. Do you act? Or do you react?

Anger is a positive emotion because it helps you to get rid of something you don’t want and live a harmonious life.

Dealing With Anger

So how should you deal with your anger?

Well one technique is found in the following story from the life of Russian mystic Gurdjieff. His father, when he was dying, told him a secret about life, not really expecting the boy to understand. He whispered in his ear, “whenever you are angry because of someone else, wait for twenty-four hours before you act. If you still feel angry go to the person and tell them what you need to say.”

Later as an adult, he followed his father’s advice and realized that typically, when he felt angry, his anger disappeared within a few hours. Then after twenty-four hours he was able to see the other person’s point of view and sometimes even felt that the person was right. If he still thought the person was wrong after twenty-four hours, he went and talked with them.

Well, just for today — do not anger. Maybe you need to just stop and count to 10 before you act. Or maybe you need to wait twenty-four hours and see how you feel. Hopefully you will take this principle to heart and find that your life is not like a nuclear reactor just waiting to explode but that you are continuing on along the path to health and wholeness as you continue on this journey of life.

What Will You Create Today?

Today really is the first day of the rest of your life.

This day is like a blank sheet of paper – just waiting to see what you will create as you create the next greatest version of the grandest vision you have ever had of yourself.

This day is filled with infinite possibilities. Nothing is impossible — unless you choose for it to be.

So what will you create today?

Even though the year is already moving forward, it is never too late to take a few minutes today to contemplate your current version of yourself. Some areas you might examine are your physical body, your spiritual life and your emotions, your relationships, and your finances. Think about any of these areas or others that might come to mind. Look at where they are right now and look at them honestly.

This will give you a starting point as you seek to create a new and improved version of yourself.

After you look at these areas for a few moments, allow yourself to imagine what the next greatest version, the 2012 version, might look like. What would the next upgrade in that area include? Allow the changes to be as small or as grand as you want. For whatever it is, this will not be the final version of yourself that you will create. New upgrades can be made as often as you decide to create a new one. YOU are the creator.!

Let your imagination go free… pretend as if what you desire is already a reality… feel the new you… feel the change. Ask yourself “What would my life be like if this version was operating already?” How would you act? Think? Speak? Be?

During the days ahead, let thoughts and ideas come to you as what steps you need to take in order to create this new version, this 2012 version of the greatest vision that you have had about yourself. And as they come to you, take the steps and see where life leads you on your journey this year.

May this be your best year yet!!! I intend for it to be mine.

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